Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crock Bowls - Family Treasures

We went over to visit my in-laws today and we had quite an enjoyable time. With the weather not being so great we have been staying in and not going out in the frigid temperatures. Anyway, my MIL fixed homemade vegetable soup and it was perfect for a cold day. She wanted to take some soup over to her parents and we thought we would tag along and go visit them. Cameron was pretty excited to see them as well. We had been there for awhile and my MIL knows me quite well so she decided to show me some of her Mom's antiques. Well, she decided to show me some old crocks, crock bowls, old trunks and her china. Well, her Mom has always told her and all of the grandchildren that if they see anything that they want then to put there name down on the piece of paper and write down what they want. Once they pass away then everything that is on the paper will be given to that individual person. Well, my MIL found the paper and wrote down my hubby's name next to the crock bowls for me as well as an old antique clock. I don't have any pictures of these particular crock bowls, but I can tell you that one is blue (a bit darker then the one pictured) and one is a mustard color and they are absolutely beautiful. I am so excited that she said that I could have them and it means so much that they were willing to let me have them. I am such a sentimental person and when I get items that are antiques from my family. . . well, they just mean the world to me. I treasure them!!
I attached a picture of what the bowls "kinda" look like, but these bowls that I will be receiving are much more prettier then this one. Oh, these bowls have so much detail on them and they really truly are beautiful. Just had to share my day with all of you.

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basketsnprims said...

Oh, good for you. When they are family owned treasures, they mean so much more, don't they? Let's just hope you don't get them too soon.