Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Displaying Antique Crocks

This past week has been quite interesting.  The week ended with a great report from Cameron’s pre-school teacher.  He had a wonderful week and was well behaved (whew).  I am not sure I can take many more bad days (lol).  We celebrated my Dad’s 65th Birthday on Saturday along with my nieces Birthday.  Talk about alot of cake and ice cream.  Sunday was interesting seeing as though we were rear-ended coming out of the parking lot at the grocery store.  We got hit pretty good, but luckily we were all ok.  Just a little whiplash which lead to soreness and stiffness the day after.  The kid that ended up hitting us stood there and laughed about it and then admitted to us that he was busy changing the radio station.  Gotta love idiots that can’t pay attention to what is going on in front of them while driving.  Our van got scratched up pretty good on the bumper, but the police can’t do anything since it was on private property.  I had never heard of such a thing….. what a stupid law.  So…… that was our weekend.  Definitely not as fun as what the APP gals had at The Walker Homestead.  Talk about jealous……. I so wish I could have been there.


I myself have been busy with other things.  For all of you prim loving stay at home Mom’s….. don’t you just love thinking about what you can do next with your home?  Well, I have been doing just that.  I have been wanting to find a way to display some if not all of my crocks.  So…… I thought that the cubby that is supposed to be used for our TV. would be a great little area to use for my crocks.  Here is a picture of what it looked like before I started working on it.

031 033

I knew that if I wanted to display my crocks in it then I would need and want for them to stand out once they were in there.  So, I went looking for some paint to use in this cubby.  I absolutely LOVE the color of that barn red shutter so I went looking for something of that color.  I was lucky enough to find it at Wal-Mart.  It is made by Kilz and it is called Barn Board.  Here is the color.


Don’t you just love the color?  I knew it would be beautiful.  It is definitely a dark color, but it allows my crocks to stand out which is exactly what I wanted.  Here is a picture of it after it was painted.


Don’t you love the way it turned out?  Then it was time to get some “L” brackets and some wood.  I decided that staining my wood shelves would be the best bet and I painted the “L” brackets the same color as the wall.  I didn’t want them to stand out like a sore thumb.  This is how it all turned out.



So, what do you think?  Does it appear to be missing something?  Do you like the crocks displayed the way they are on the bottom?  If you notice with the pictures above….. there are 3 crocks on the bottom that are pulled forward.  Here is a picture of them pushed back.  What do you like better?


I have a candle behind the middle crock on the bottom to bring some light into that cubby.  I wish I had a spot light or some sort of light shining down of them, but there is no electricity running through there except the plug outlets.  What is a girl to do that knows not a single thing about electricity?!?  Of course this is not all of my crocks so I thought I would share some more with you and how I have them displayed.  Are you ready for the tour?













Why don’t you share your collection?  I would love to see it.  Until Next Time ~ enjoy your day .  Blessings, Lisa


In His service, Anne said...

Love the crocks and your cubby!! People around here seem to think no matter what the size or condition of the crock it woth millions..lol So, I only have a few. Glad Cameron is enjoying school now.

Carmen C. said...

I love your crocks and prim displays, thank God no one was hurt and hopefully it gave that irresponsible kid a good wake up call! Enjoy the day:)

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Awesome display Lisa! My first thought was maybe add some 1x4 boards to frame the cubby?? The red does make the crocks pop!

denise said...

beautiful! love the color. now i know what color i wnt . how about a battery candle? denise

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

I LOVE it Lisa!!!...Absolutely beautiful display for the crocks!!..I like them pulled forward some at the bottom...Try a battery for more light...~~hugs,Jen

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

HI Lisa! I also love your crocks and the "new" display cubby. I like BS Lisa's idea about the frame....and I also like all the crocks on the bottom shelf lined up together..LOL we all see things a little differently huh! :-)
Oh, and thank you so much for the applesauce recipe. Have you ever bottled it? And if so how many minutes to you cold pack it?
Enjoy your day

~Judy~ said...

I love it too Lisa. I also agree with Lisa about framing in the cubby. It would really make it stand out more. I actually like how you displayed the crocks both ways!!


Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

Hi, Lisa!

I love your crock cubby! It turned out great! I like the crocks on the bottom pulled out some. As far as lighting, a couple of options....since you have an electrical outlet in the back, you could maybe put little electric lights on the shelves and hide the cords behind the crocks or if you want overhead lighting, Home Depot and Lowes sell under-the-cabinet lights (they're small) in packs of one, two or more. Get the white ones to match the top of the cubby...they should have white cords that will blend in. If you use one, run the cord down behind the crocks. If you use two, run the cords over to the corners and run down in the corners. Paint the cord the same red as the walls to blend in. Just a thought!
I'm sure whatever you decide, it will look great!

Take care, my friend!

Primsue said...

Oh my, Lisa, what a great makeover on your cubby area. I love the color. All of your crock displays are awesome!

Autumn Blessings,

Audrey said...

Great job. They show up so well against the red. I like the bottom ones pulled out a bit but thought it looked great both ways.

I would have loved it if you could have come out to Walker Homestead. It was fun!

Anonymous said...

Love your crocks in the cubby!! I like them both ways, but I like them pulled forwards a little better. Most of my crock collection is on the bottom shelf of our sideboard and I have some of them pulled forward.
Gald Cameron is doing well in pre-school!! And I'm glad that you guys like your sweatshirts...and that it finally got cool enough outside to wear them.