Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Antique Crocks

What do you enjoy collecting?  Alot of people enjoy collecting baskets which use to be a great love of mine, but lately I have really enjoyed collecting crocks.  Yep, I add to my collection any chance that I can get and my collection just keeps getting larger.  I am not sure if you remember me telling you about this guy that I found on craigslist, but he has been collecting for over 47 years and is now trying to sell all of his crocks, bowls, jugs and many other antiques that he has around his home.  I have become rather good friends with this guy.  He is just so nice and he is very reasonable with his crocks and the prices.  Anyway, I went to visit him this past weekend and came home with quite a few new or maybe I should say old goodies.  Are you interested in taking a peek at what I brought home?  Ok, here is a peek.


I only heard you say that you wanted a peek.  You didn’t say that you wanted to see all of my goodies so that is the only little look that you get for today.


Ok, ok don’t get your undies in a knot.  I will show the rest of my very fine purchases and at the end I will even show you the items that my Mom came home with.  Isn’t that a great deal?  You get 2 for the price of 1 (lol).  Here are the items that I came home with.  Hold on to your seats……


The brown jug is very unusual.  The brown glaze is actually very bumpy and rough feeling.  It looks very neat in person.  I liked it because it was unusual.  The “crock man” said that it was probably an error in glazing, but I thought it turned out great.  Here is a closer look.



I really loved all three of these crocks.  Here is a closer look of the larger crock in the back of the photo.


I just love the size of this crock!!

Here are a few others that I came home with.  Check them out!!


I totally fell in love with the crock on the left.  It was the first crock that I noticed when the “crock man” sent me pictures when I first found him.  The colors on that crock are just gorgeous.  Do you ever wonder what the story is on each crock and where they originated?  Here is a close up of my favorite.


Here are a couple others that caught my eye as I was looking around.



I couldn’t dare leave without this bowl.  I just love it.  The “crock man” said that it wasn’t glazed for some reason or another, but I love it.  There is some special etching on the side, but it is kinda hard to see in the picture.  It is very pretty!!


I was told I could have this for *free* since it had a crack and a chip and I was totally into freebies so I snatched it up and put a little super glue on the inside of the crock.  No one will ever know there is glue in there unless I tell them and with it being my own little collection….. what is a little crack ~ right?


I plan on using this extra large Redwing crock for dog food.  I want to make a wood lid for it and once that is done then it will be ready to use for Qbert’s food.  No one will ever know there is dog food in there.  I love it!!  Did you notice the turkey droppings on the side of the crock by the # 10 ?


Speaking of Qbert.  He finally went in for a bath and trim this past weekend.  It is the first trim he has had in a long while since being neutered.  I think he feels so much better and well he looks so stinkin’ cute.



So……. are you ready to see Mom’s crocks?  She brought home less then I did, but her crocks were a bit more expensive then mine.  I guess I like to have more for less then less for more.  What would you prefer?


Here are a few close-ups.  I absolutely ♥ all of them, but they were definitely out of my price range or at least those two smaller jugs.  You should have seen us.  Mom and I were fighting over who was going to get the #6 crock on the end.  We both loved it and it already came with a wood lid so that was a bonus.  As you can see…… she won over me.  Here are the close-ups.


WOW ~ isn’t that one a beauty?  It has major drool factor going on if you ask me.




Well, that is it for now.  I sure do hope you enjoyed looking at all of our crocks, jugs and bowls.  Nothing better then finding a great deal and if you haven’t yet checked out craigslist in your area then you should.  You never know what you could find.  We found great treasures with the “crock man”.

Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, yeah! I love crockery. I have a major collection myself but got most at auctions. I display them in our summer kitchen. Perhaps I should take pictures of them. I especially love the 1 1/2 crock and the bowl with a bale! Just awesome!

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Crocks are one of my all-time favorite things! You & your Mom both realy got some awesome ones! I love the 10 gallon Redwing crock you got! They are very, very collectible. But nowadays, all of them are. That #6 is pretty awesome too.
Congrats on getting such wonderful goodies!

Proper Prim said...

I think I would have had to come home with all of them... that is my weakness. Love that Redwing one... I just can't afford my taste...lol

That must have been hard for "crock man" to give up his treasures.

Hugs, Deb

Grammee Linda said...

You sure hit the jackpot Lisa. I didn't see one I wouldn't want to own. I have spent a pretty penny on occasion for a crock but usually try to find the bargains ones. I'd rather spend that kind of $$ on good redware or pewter.

Ann said...


I love crocks too! The salt glazed ones are my all time favorites. If only I could afford all those ones with the blue decorations. ~Ann

Judy said...

Wow! Let me mop up my drook. Ok, what lovely treasures you and your mom got...nothing better than a craigslist find. After looking at all of the wonderful crocks on APP, i am wanting my own collection. Got any suggestions on educating myself? I would not know if I were getting a bargain or not right now. BUT I sure wanta own some! Enjoy your new treasures!


Michele said...

I love crocks as well. I use them to store my kitchen utensils, TV remotes, and as Christmas trees stands. They live all over my house! You picked out some real beauties.

Anonymous said...

Love the antique crocks!! I have several that my MIL and I picked up at an auction years ago, but I've not added many more to them over the years.
Did you get my email? Sent two designs that show the back stitch that my machine can do.
Qbert looks so cute with his new haircut!!

Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

Great crocks, Lisa!! You've got a pretty good start with your crock collection. Before you know it, you'll own all of the crocks the "crock man" has! LOL He sure has some beauties!!
Enjoy the cooler temps we should be having this week!

Take care, my friend!

Farm Field Primitives said...

Love, love, love the crocks. Those are my weakness also....plus wooden bowls!! You both have some great finds and how lucky you are to have come across the "crock man". Maybe he has a brother elsewhere in NW Ohio!!

janie said...

Wow, great crocks!!

Enjoy, Janie

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Crocks are my favorites... for sure. Love it. Your collection is growing so fast!!! Love your mom's crocks. Awesome!

Rochelle said...

Great crocks!! I can't get enough either. I think I "dragged home" about 10 more this past week from craigslist....**Sigh!** Love em!

emy said...

i like crockery........