Monday, October 4, 2010

A Trip to Waynesville & New Prim Shops

We decided to take a trip this past weekend.  My hubby’s parents were camping and they were going to the Sauerkraut Festival and I thought since we didn’t really have any extra money that we could go and walk around and even stop by some of the shops in Waynesville.  Well, I was so glad that we went, but was upset because I didn’t win the lottery before I went (lol).  I must say that Waynesville, Ohio is such a quaint little town.  It is very clean and is full of specialty shops.  There is definitely something there for everyone.  We were on our way there and we drove past this old barn.  I glimpsed out of the corner of my eye only to notice tobacco hanging from the barn.  I was in awe and if my hubby wasn’t in such a hurry I would have asked him to turn around so I could get a picture.  It was so neat to see the tobacco hanging up and drying.  Just something I don’t see alot of.  Wonder if they were selling it?  Oh well….. don’t know why I am wondering when I didn’t have any money (lol).  Oh well, I at least got me some pictures of Waynesville and now I can share them with you. 


The first shop that I wanted to go into was the Wooden Sunflower.  This is an old St Augustine Church established in 1877.   It is 5900 sq ft. of Farmhouse Primitives, American Folk Art, Early Lighting, Gourmet Foods, Potpourri and Candles.  They also specialize in custom made early kitchens, period wall, painted floors and custom furniture.  This place was amazing!!   I asked if it would be ok if I took a few pictures….. she didn’t seem crazy about the idea and reluctantly said “yes”.  So, I just snapped a few inside and took the rest outside.  Here are the pics that I took.  Enjoy!!


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I myself loved the cement pumpkins.  They came in various sizes and of course various prices.  Don’t forget that you can click on the picture to make them larger.  It allows for easier viewing.


I wanted so badly to take a picture of the area right inside the front door.  It was amazing.  I can totally see why they named it the Wooden Sunflower.  Right inside the front door is this amazing cathedral ceiling.  Hanging from the sides of railing are tons of sunflowers that they have cut from the base of the flower and dried.  They are long and they looked so prim perfect.  I thought it looked very neat.  Every single time I tried taking a picture….. there was someone checking out so that didn’t work to my advantage.  Here is the area off to the right as you walk in the door.


Here are more cement pumpkins, but these appeared to be dusted with spices of some sort.





Look at this amazing kitchen area.  It gives you an idea as to how wonderful it is, but you really should plan a trip.



I also found this other shop called Days Gone By.  It was a pretty nice shop as well, but it didn’t have as much.


My other favorite shop in Waynesville has to be Olde Glory Antiques.  I didn’t notice it until I was across the street.  I stopped to look around to see what other shops were close by and noticed this one right across the street.  I saw all of the cement pumpkins and then I saw the gourd garland in the window.  Yep, I started across the street waving good-bye to my family as they sat on some rocking chairs.  Talk about MAJOR drool factor.  If you like primitive, I mean real primitive then you would love this shop.  I loved everything about it except the prices.  There was no way I could afford anything, but it was fun to look at and dream.  Here are a few pictures.




I pulled these pictures from their website.  Yep, their website is equally as wonderful as walking through the shop.  You can check it out here, but if you can make a trip then I am sure you would enjoy it even more.

J103 J108


Hope you enjoyed the tour around Waynesville as much as I did.  I definitely think it is worth another trip just so you can really take your time and look around.  Maybe even make a few purchases.  Christmas is right around the corner….. can you imagine these shops decorated for Christmas?!?  Yep, I think I would need a bib if I went for another visit around that time (lol).


Thought I would leave you with these other pictures.  The past couple days have been “perfect” weather for sweatshirts, jeans, grilled cheese and tomato soup.  So, here is a picture of my grilled cheese/tomato soup buddy.  I am so glad he enjoys it as much as me.  Don’t you think he is enjoying it by the look on his face?!?


It was funny because he said he wanted to “slobber his soup”, but he meant to say “slurp his soup”.  I thought that was too cute!!  Goodness, I love that little man to pieces!!  Here are some other pictures of Cameron.



He was reluctantly smiling because I came around the corner in the kitchen only to find him on top of the counter.  Yep, he climbed up on top of the counter to eat the very last pumpkin cinnamon muffin.  Luckily, I already had mine for the day, but that muffin was suppose to be left for Daddy.  Uh Oh….. good thing he is cute because he got away with it.


Last, but not least I leave you with my new cut and color that I had done last week.  I thought the new color would be perfect for Fall/Winter.  It is close to my natural color, but with a few red highlights.  So, do you like it?


Well, I hope you enjoyed my post.  Hope you all have a blessed week.

Until Next Time ~ Blessings Always!!


Trace4J said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE Cool Pics!! And your hair girlfriend..Love Love Love!! Awesome FALL color!! And cut!!
Hugs Granny Trace

Susannah said...

Hi Lisa, being a retired hairdresser...I have to tell you that your haircut is PERFECT on you. It is so good around your face and I love the fullness and spikiness on the top. Color is great, too. Good going, girl.....very attractive!

Cameron is the sweetest. I giggled when I saw him sneaking the muffin!

Hope you get to take that trip again.


Bonnie said...

Love your new hair cut and color. Waynesville is one of my favorite places to go. I love shopping at the Fabric Shack. If you ever want a special weekend with your hubby, stay at the Hammel House.

american girl primitives said...


Thank you for all the inspiring pictures! Wonderful! I also think your new cut and color suits you too.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

I love Waynesville, the sauerkraut festival is always a treat! I didn't make it this year! So thanks so much for sharing the store photos!
And Your hair is cute, cute!
Please come visit me on my blog & friends are all welcome!
Have a nice day!

Primsue said...

Lisa, those shops are awesome - thanks for sharing the pics. Cameron is quite the cutie - I know you are so proud of him. Your new cut & color looks great.

Autumn Blessings,

Kaye said...

Your hair cut is perfect, color also. very perky!! I love going to Waynesville and we do like the same stores. can't wait to get back, but about 4.5 hrs. from me. Love all those cement pumpkins. I have a couple and of course the beeskeps from there are perfect. So glad you had a good time.

appleberrycottage said...

I wish I had a few primitive shops around my area. There's resale and antiques, but not strictly primitive. I should plan a road trip sometime!

Heather's Stitches said...

Oh thanks for the pics, I've never been there but sheesh I don't live very

Your hair is just too cute!!


Anonymous said...

I'm confused...The Sauerkraut Festival is this coming weekend in Waynesville. This past weekend I was at OktoberFest in Urbana, but for the first time in 10 years...I didn't have my booth set up there. We just went to walk around with my in-laws. Sauerkraut Festival is always the 2nd full weekend in October..and this will be my 22nd year there and my booth is down near McDonald's.
I know that the Sweet Potato Festival in Spring Valley was this past weekend and it is down near Waynesville. Is that the show that you were at?
Not sure if I ever told you...but I used to live in Waynesville and we had a shop there. We lived there for about 10 years before moving back to where we live now to be by our families. Waynesville is such a wonderful little town and I still miss it sometimes after all these years. Setting up at The Sauerkraut Festival is like going back to my other home.

Ann said...

Lisa, Can I be envious? I know I'm not supposed to be, but you got to go to Waynesville! I've wanted to go for some time, but the kids' activities always come first. It's not that far from us - maybe 2 1/2 hours. I really like your hair - I just had mine colored a little darker for fall/winter too. Doesn't it just make you feel good? It's my only thing I really do for myself. ~Ann

In His service, Anne said...

Hi Lisa..
Cameron is so cute..that little muffin man!! Love your hair..looks really good. Thanks for the tour..cute little town!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Lisa. Love the new do.
My daughter and I are going to the Sauerkraut Festival this weekend at Waynesville and I am so excited to get there. I have been through Waynesville several times but have never been to the festival. Have you attended before? I was wondering if there were as many artisans as they claim to have displaying their crafts? Regardless the antique shops will be well worth looking into from your pictures.

Tanya said...

Hi Lisa,
You are about the sweetest and cutest lady! I love your cut and color....stunning to be honest...looks very natural!
And Waynesville looks like a wonderful place to visit. I would of loved it but like you would have wanted to buy too much! Browsing can be fun but....... Thanks for sharing a sight I didn't know about!
And that little Cameron is a cutie!

wvsimplicity said...

Hey Lisa,
Just had to let you know that your refinishing on your furniture and wooden items beats the first shop that you went to all to #&!! Your stuff looks like it aged naturally. You are a pro and should consider doing furniture reproductions for people. Love your blog! Keep up the good work!

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Love the hair! So cute!

Your Waynesville trip looks fantastic! They are having thier sauerkraut festiville and arts and crafts fair this weekend and I am super bummed I'm going to miss it! But Im hoping to make it there in Novemeber to see the stores decorated for christmas! THat's for the leads on good stores!

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Oh and I wanted to give you thins link... it's to all the shops in waynesville!


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Lisa,

Oh, I love your blog and your little guy is a cutie !

You have a twin !.. It is Gina from catnapinnprimitives! You two could be twins and with the same hair style !

Waynesville sounds great !

Thanks for sharing the photos !


rebecca said...

loved the pictures. i checked the one shops website and it gave directions; three hours plus from where i live. but i know what you mean about prices. these things are gorgeous but
not really affordable to everyone. i myself can't really justify spending that kind of cash either.
this weekend we have christmas in the park right acoss from my house. the temptation is great so i may have to walk over and see if i can get some ideas or photos myself. people around here don't do the prims that i see on the blogs. they seem to be a few steps behind.
love the hair and def the darker color for the fall/winter. i do that myself. your son is a darling! but i am partial to boys myself, being the mom of two of them.

Ethan Smith said...

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