Monday, May 3, 2010

Where are my gardening gloves?

Hope you all haven’t given up on me.  I am still here however I have been busy at work in my flowerbeds.  I have divided several of my daylilies, moved some shasta daisies and a few other perennials and well you know that the weeds never go away.  I have been sharing alot of my flowers with my Mom and helping her with her beds as well.  It is funny because she is so jealous of my flowers, but I think she forgets that I have had all of these flowers for several years.  Anyway, it is funny because we are always giving each other a hard time.  It is fun to say the least.

Did I tell you that I worked on my flip flop flower pot?  I will have to post pictures of it soon.  It looks great!!  I also planted some new perennials, but my sweet hubby just told me that Saturday is suppose to have a high of 57 degrees.  I just hope that we don’t have a frost warning.  Gotta love being in Ohio.

Oh, we also had family pictures done last week.  I have seen several of them, but there are still more to come.  I will share a few with you once I am able to.  I can hardly wait for you to see some of them.

Crafting……. yep, I haven’t done much of that lately.  It is kinda at a stand still until my flowerbeds are completed.  They are my main concern right now.

Cameron, Qbert & hubby are all doing well.  Cameron currently has pink eye, but he is one his first day of drops in the eye so hopefully that will clear up soon. 

I leave you today with a couple pictures that I recently took.  Hope you enjoy them!!


My bachelor button is my newest perennial.  I love it, but then again I love anything purple.



Hope you enjoyed my pics that I took. 

Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa


colonialhomestead said...

I have a love for flowers and like very much posting about my rock gardens. But I also love very much to see other peoples flower gardens too. I often say to hubby Oh I would like to shop in other's flower beds for more additions to mine. Happy planting to you and your Mom!

Sherrie said...

Oh Lisa, I feel like I have lived in my flower beds for the last month, but I can finally see the light!! LOL So much weeding, edging,re-strawing and planting some annuals. I have a lot of perrenials but always seem to have to plant a lot of annuals,too. Wish we lived closer so we ould share flowers and warm temps. IT WAS 90 TODAY....I thought I was going to monkey out there!!
Have a good week..

Prim hugs, Sherrie

Teri said...

You are reminding me what must be done. lol I live on the shores of Lk Superior so we will still have danger of frost around here. I just love your purple flower!! Perrrrr ty! I'm happy to hear all is well there and cannot wait to see your family photos.

Barbara said...

I just love flowers, of any kind and all kind, even the flowery weeds are gorgeous to me.
Great photos, hugs, Barbara

Dan said...

You have been busy! I am hoping to plant some flowers this weekend! I guess I will have to see how the weather is. The pictures are great! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I too worked in my yard cleaning, weeding, planting, mulching..It is a chore but looked oh so nice when done..Can't wait to see what yours look like when finished..

Craftyperson said...

Hi Lisa...
I love this time of year except having to do all the weed pulling and cleaning out all the flower beds...Its never
Cute pictures of your little man...Enjoy him when he is that little..they seem to grow up so fast..
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mothers Day..
Prim hugs,

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Lisa...well I just love coming here and reading about what you are up to...IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING AND IT'S FUN AND INTERESTING.
I love that you are able to share with your mother...whether it's shopping, lunching or even trading plants!
Cameron is such a doll! Hope his eye heals soon but with Pink Eye it's a normal process.
Good to see you posting and sorry I'm so late commenting!
Hugs, Karen