Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gardening & More

Good thing I was able to work in my flower gardens before it got too hot.  It has been alot warmer this week and full of sunshine so I won’t be complaining.  You all know that I love sunshine!  Anyway, I have been weeding alot in my gardens and must say that I don’t think that job ever ends.  It is constant.  I think I could pull buckets and buckets of weeds, go out the next day and find more.  Ughhhh, that is one thing I hate about having all of these flower gardens.  My flowers bring me so much happiness and plenty of time to relax, but when I am done…… well, there is not much more time for anything else (lol).  Anyway, I took some pictures and thought I would share them with you today.  Here are pics that I took this week.

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Now for my front yard flower beds……

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WOW ~ Is that flower garden overload or what?!?  During these past couple weeks I have had a little extra time to make a couple things and start on a project.  I will first of all show you what I made.  Very easy and simple!!  I used a dry gourd and made sure that I cleaned all of the dirt and mold off of it first.  Here is the before picture.


With a little water and a sharp knife used to scrap…… I was able to get all of that junk removed.  Once it was clean and smooth then I simply attached some wire and drilled a hole.  Once the hole was drilled then I cleaned out the inside and hung it up.  It is now a perfect little bird house.  I have plenty of birds in my backyard so I thought by having a few more rentals that we should be good to go.  Cameron and I joke around that the monthly rent is only 5 worms (lol).


My one and only project that I am currently working on is taking up all of my free time right now.  Do you all remember this beauty?  Alot of you said that you wouldn’t paint it, but I had to in order to keep the smell of grease, oil and old dirty barn to a minimum.  I applied 3 coats of primer to this cupboard and a coat of black paint so far.  I will be working on applying my top coat of red today.  The before and after pictures are coming soon, but this should hold you over until then.




My goal is to have it totally finished by this weekend.  If that does happen then I will be sure to post pics early next week.  Keep Watching!!


Of course I had to share a picture of my little man with you.  We were out playing with the water hose the other day.  Cameron was chasing me around and was trying his best to get me wet.  He actually did quite a few times, but I think Mommy took the lead.  Here are a few pics from our fun water day.  enjoy!!

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Just like that last picture…… we were worn out from all that playing.  After this post…… I am worn out (lol).  Hope you all are doing well.  Hope to see you back early next week for the BIG reveal.

Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa


Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Your gardens are Beautiful! I love the boots! I need some! And the tipped flower pots are adorable!!! Gotta try that too!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Love your gardens...and yeah I swear I pick weeds and the next day they are back full force..harder when you have 3 houses that surround you and they aren't as meticulous as you it is never ending with me..and also when it rains..for some reason they grow even faster..whats with that..:) love the cabinet..and can't wait to see it all decked out.;) have a great weekend..:)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good to see you my friend!
I haven't been around lately so I've missed some of your posts...SORRY.

Your gardens are beautiful Lisa and I know the work you are going through...been doing that this week and a few weeks ago.

Your little guy is getting so big....he's starting to have a more 'mature' look isn't he?

Come on over for a visit when you can.

Hugs, Karen

Sheila said...

Hi Lisa!
good to see that you've been out enjoying some sunshine! Your flower beds are beautiful. I built a stack of flower pots last year and it was fun and a conversation piece. Can't wait to fill it this weekend. We've still had far to much cold to plant without freezing. My hubs old work boots are filled with hens and chickens too!
Can't wait to see the reveal on your big project.
Take care and have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day.

Sheila @
Seasons of Thy Heart and
Country Impressions selling blog

Dan said...

Your gardens look wonderful! I can't wait to see your cupboard finished! I am sure it will look great! Loved seeing the pictures of your little guy!


american girl primitives said...

I hear you about the garden, the landscaping we have is so hard to keep up with! It's pretty though. I can't wait to see the cupboard when you're done!


Spice Junction Treasures said...

Love your gardens. When you have a garden there is always weeds. I've been doing alot of weeding lately. There are a few pictures on our blog. Hope to put some new ones on soon. Happy gardening.

Anonymous said...

Your flower beds are so beautiful..I really love that birdhouse you made..The boot is too cute and your little boy looks like he had fun in the photos..Have a great Memorial Day weekend..

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Hi Lisa.

Your gardens are just gorgeous!
All the work does pay off when you can just sit and enjoy them.

Have a great rest of your Holiday weekend!

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Lisa~
Your gardens and plantings are just beautiful! The topsy turvy pots turned out great too! I hear you about the gardens. I'm loving this weather and being outside in them. I actually don't mind weeding. I find it fairly relaxing just being outside tending my flower beds. I'll be posting pic's soon on my blog as well.
Cameron is a cutie in those shades. hehe! Too cute!!
Blessings~ Birgit

sanjeet said...

love the cabinet..and can't wait to see it all decked out
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