Monday, May 17, 2010

Creating & Buying

I am trying to figure out which is more fun.  Creating new items or buying new items.  Hmmmm, that is a hard one because I love to make new signs and game-boards, but I also love to buy things.  Well, I have been making a few new items and I thought I would share a few with you today.  Here are a couple game-boards that I made for myself and the garden signs were for Mother’s Day gifts and I made a couple for myself as well.  The signs were made without using a stencil and I must say that I had alot of fun making them.  If you are interested in one or several then feel free to e-mail me or check out my selling blog.





I loved how the garden signs turned out.  The mustard/black sign went to my Mom and the red/mustard sign went to my MIL.  The God’s Handiwork sign was for me and I already have a flower garden sign so I was good to go there.  It was fun for  a switch not painting with a stencil.  You can be so creative!!


So……… do you ever find yourself buying something and then not knowing what to do with it?!?  Well, I found this great school desk at the Springfield Antique Extravaganza this weekend.  I loved it and thought I would get it.  Well, now I have it and I am not sure what to do with it or where to put it.  I just love it and thought that it probably had alot of history behind it, but now I just need to find that perfect spot for it.  Would you like to see it?  I am so curious as to how old it is, but I can’t seem to find anything on it.  The guy that sold it to me told me that it was made out of Ash.  It is a nice Champion desk, but heck I don’t know much about old antique school desks.  Do any of you?  Here are some pictures.


002 003



So, what do you all think of my school desk?  Can you imagine the history behind this?  You wonder who sat at that desk?  Makes you really think about where it has been and where it came from.


I leave you today with a couple pictures that were taken this weekend at Race for the Cure.  I am a strong supporter and it is a tradition to participate every year.  It was amazing to hear that over 50,000 people registered this year and it was a new record for the state of Ohio.  I was part of the Heather/Stefanie team which contained just over 4000 people.  We all wore pink wigs and it was truly awesome.  I encourage you all to participate in the race sometime during your life.  It is a great cause and the money goes towards finding a cure for cancer plus helping educate others about the importance.  Here are a few pictures that I hope inspire you. Help make a difference because you never know when you might need it.


This was a group picture of the Heather/Stefanie Team.


The back of my shirt…… I lost several dear friends to this disease so I walk in memory of them.  RIP Ladies!!


My silly boy  - he is so funny!!

Looking in front of me……



Looking behind me……



You could see the sea of pink for miles.  It was awesome!!  It is a true testament that this horrible disease can affect so many lives.  We definitely need a CURE!!!!!

Many Blessings ~ Lisa


Dan said...

The signs and game boards you made are wonderful! I also really like the desk. I used one of mine as an end table. It work out really well.

It looks like the walk was a huge success! it is wonderful that you participate in it! What a good cause!

I hope you have a great day!


Sherrie said...

Lisa, looks like you have been busy as a bee again. Love the garden signs, they are really neat!! So glad you got to participate in thw walk again this year.You are right, it is for a good cause!!

Love your little school desk. I have one like that and i use in a bedroom. Have you thought about using it for a bedside table in your BR or Cameron's. It works pretty well for that plenty of room for a prim light on top and a primitive gathering or just magazines on the seat. Of course, you could use it for a time-out seat....but I am sure you don't need one of those!!LOL Where ever you use it will look prim-perfect, I am sure!

Hope you have a good week.

Prim friend, Sherrie

lakeffect said...

You got a honey of an old school desk! I have one, but it has several coats of white enamal paint on it. I have been promising myself for years and years that I'd strip it, but so far I am not good at keeping that promise. Guess I should have given myself a deadline! That Race for the Cure is indeed a moving experience. I have participated in one in Peoria, IL, I believe the home of Susan B. Coleman. So glad to see you got lots of men involved!

american girl primitives said...


That desk is a wonderful find! I think a stack of antique readers, a slate and maybe a bell would look really neat. I'm a teacher and that is such a neat find. Your signs turned out great too.


Sheila said...

What lovely signs you hand painted! Great job and lovely gifts. THAT desk is a beauty...... the possiblities are endless. You've been given some pretty good ones already and I've know doubt that you won't have any trouble finding the perfect spot for it and I can't wait to see it once you have it cleaned up and displayed.
My eyes are filled with tears seeing so many people come together for this common cause. I do the Relay for Life in June~
Continued blessings to you and yours.

theolde stone house said...

It's so great to see you have such passion for the cause. I work in health care and see so much of it I only hope they find a cure someday.

I love the gameboards and the signs. You did a really great job.

They say buy only what you like so I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for your desk.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Love your new gameboards and signs...and your old school desk. I went to the flea market on my youngest an antique typewriter for her office and I pick up an old sewing spool for myself.
Have a great week!!

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Hi Lisa, That desk is great! Hope you find a place for it. Wasn't Springfield awesome this year! I picked up a lot of great stuff myself! Wish we could have met up and said hello! Since shopping is fresh on my mind I'm gonna go with shopping as my fav over making stuff right now. lol! Your checkerboards are adorable and inspiring though!
Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

The desk is awesome and I myself have two of them...I have one on my porch always decorated with seasonal item on it...What a great turnout for the walk and for such a good cause...Have a great rest of the week...

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


For these days, I'd have to say buying! Wish I had money to spend on the house! Love your gameboards and LOVE that desk! I can imagine Laura Ingalls sitting in it with her lunch pail sitting on top!

Have a great day!

sanjeet said...

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Jodie said...

Hello! I just found your blog today, and I saw your Heather Pick and Stefanie Spielman photos... you must be a fellow central Ohioan :)

I actually found your blog because I googled champion antique desk. My great-great grandfather was a teacher in the 1880s up in Bucyrus, and the school photo of the class and school room shows off a room full of these desks. Just thought you'd like to know :)