Monday, November 2, 2009

Time is drawing near and a GREAT transformation!!

This past weekend was yet another one filled with fun, but very busy as well.  I went to my parents probably for the last time before they move into their new home which is just 5 houses down from us.  What a relief it will be to have them moved back here.  I was originally going to go and help them and be there while the movers were there, but I think that is probably not going to happen.  I started experiencing some discomfort in my chest yesterday after leaving my parents and it continued all evening until I was asleep.  I haven’t been experiencing it at all today so that is a big relief, but I am pretty sure it is probably just stress related.  I told my hubby that if I have it again today then I will contact my doctor to have it checked out.  It is just not anything I want to mess with – ya know? 

I have had so much on my plate lately.  I want so bad to help my parents out as much as I can and I am trying my best to take a load off of them as much as I can, but I think it is slowly catching up with me.  My sister doesn’t do a whole lot to help out so it is pretty much just me helping my parents and making sure that they are well taken care of.  It is hard at times, but I wouldn’t want anyone helping them.  I know that if I help them with things then I know that no one is taking advantage of them which is one thing that I can’t stand.  I guess you could say it is a BIG pet peeve of mine.

Anyway, Mom and I went to Amish Country this past weekend and had one last hurray for a couple months.  We picked up my Mom’s lights and I must say that they are absolutely beautiful.  I would share pictures with you, but they are in our spare bedroom and wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.  Let me just put it this way… she is going to have some beautiful light fixtures.  Talking about light fixtures… Mom was so kind to me this past weekend, but when is she not!  My Mom bought me a new light for my entryway.  It is quite lovely if I do say so myself.  I have never been able to afford the beautiful punched tin lights out there especially since I quit my job to stay home with our son, but my Mom treated me with a beautiful punched tin light this weekend.  I don’t have it up yet, but when it is up then I will of course share more pics.  Here is just a sneak peek right now.  Are ya ready?


I love it and can hardly wait to show you it when it gets up.  Trust me ~ it is worth waiting for ladies!!


Do you all remember that chandelier that I purchased at the thrift store?  Well, I bought it for $9.99 and thought that it was definitely a steal and boy oh boy was I right.  I looks great since I finished it.  Here is a before picture.


If you remember me saying on Friday…. I knew that the shades definitely had to go so I chucked them into the trash and started working on this beauty.  I love the transformation!!  I also purchased some new prim looking sleeves for the candle part of the chandelier.  Here is a better look of one of them.


Alot better – don’t you think?  Well, let’s take a look at this amazing transformation.  It is definitely prim and I love it.  It looks amazing above my farm table and once my little wreaths arrive this week in the mail then I can place them around the candle part of the chandelier.  That will definitely complete the look that I was going for.  In the meantime……here is the after picture.

001 006

It was kinda hard to get a picture of it lit just due to the brightness, but at least you get the just of it.  I will probably put a dimmer on it, but just haven’t had the chance yet.  My DH just hung the chandelier last night.  Wow, I am so proud of him.  It was the 1st time he has done something like this so I must admit that I was amazed.  There are a few places that I need to touch up from where he scratched it, but my problem is that I used spray paint on this beauty so now I have no idea how to touch up the spots without spray painting everything (lol).  Any suggestions?  Here are some more pictures for you ladies.  Enjoy!

010 012 013

So, what do you think?  Do you like it?  Does it look alot better?  Looks totally different – don’t ya think?  Much more prim and I must admit that I love it.


I found some great items at the Antique Mall this past weekend while in Amish Country.  I thought I would share those with you as well.  I love the look of the old flour sifters and since I already had one…..I thought I definitely needed another to put in a different area in my home.  They are so neat looking!  I also found an old brown crock and a very neat and very prim looking strainer.  Let’s take a look!!

054 053 049 052

Don’t you love my finds?  I wish the old colander/strainer was a bit bigger because I could totally see it turned into a light of some sort.  It is too small for that idea though.  Definitely gets my mind a racing..…. hmmm, the possibilities are endless!

I also wanted to tell you that I also stopped by Sara’s Herbs and Everlasting and took pictures of her workshop and her store along with a few of her garden.  I have been helping her with her blog and also put together a slideshow.  If you have time, be sure to stop by and check it out along with her snow people that she made out of gourds…..they are too cute!  Her guestbook is at the bottom of her page if you wanna take a moment to sign it.

Well, I better run for now.  I have alot of relaxing I need to do (lol).  Oh – does anyone out there have a Homespun sign that they make?  I am looking for one and would love to swap with someone if they are interested.  Just let me know.  Have a great day!!


~Judy~ said...

OOH Lisa, your light turned out amazing!! Love all your finds from the Amish country too. Take care of yourself...SLOW DOWN!

Linda said...

Lisa..your light looks really good.
And you got some great finds. forgot to recycle!
Should have donated those lamp shades back to the thrift store!
Maybe spray a little paint on a sponge and dab it on the light fixture.

Farm Field Primitives said...

The light looks awesome. Great job. Please take care of yourself. Don't ignore chest pain.

Annette said...

You light looks AMAZING! You did a wonderful job on it!! :)

Jill said...

Hi Lisa! Light looks awesome. Spray some of your paint onto a paper plate, then using a q-tip dab where you need to touch up. Works really well. Have a great week!

Janene said...

You are such a master crafter!!
And finder of awesome treasures!
I really love the light. Super great job!
I hate when you tease us with just little snipets of photos of what is yet to come...You know that I am NOT a patient prim girl!

janie said...

Hi Lisa,
Just love your blog. Your light came out wonderful.
Hope things go well for your parents move. it is so nice to have them so close by. Sounds like you are going to have fun decorating with your Mom.
Hope your chest feels better, janie

Sherrie said...

Take time to take care of yourself!! Listen to your body when it speaks. Love how your light fixture turned out. I was going to suggest the Q-tip trick with the paint. That should do it.
Your punched tin looks will love it. Sorry I can't help you with the Homespun sign but I bet I know what you are going to do with it!!! Good luck finding it. Get some rest and take care!
Hugs, Sherrie

appleberrycottage said...

I can't believe you already finished the chandelier! Simply amazing! The star colander would be great to fill with bowl fillers.

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with your light. I have one just like it in my dining room and hate the gold and you just gave me an idea but the thought of taking it down seems impossible. I have 11 foot high ceilings but I want to do something. Did you treat the gold first? The black looks great and without the shades I never thought of it. Could you give me more info please on how you did it. Thanks Kathy

Lisa said...

That is an amazing transformation! Love, love, love it.

Anonymous said...

Your light turned out great!! Also great finds that you found in Amish country!

Susannah said...

The light looks wonderful! You did a great job. I know you are looking so forward to your Mom and Dad coming. But, please Lisa, take sometime to rest. You will thank yourself in a couple of weeks when they really need you.


Gayle said...

Your 'new' chandelier looks so great! I have plans to do something similar, but I want to keep the center pole pained with color. Wish me luck!

Ann said...

Lisa, What a steal on your chandelier! You have a great eye for the finished project when starting out with something less than prim! Great job. How lucky to have your Mom down the street - mine lives 600 miles away! ~Ann

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi Lisa, Your findings are awesome. Love the brown crock. The lamp turns out great.

Hayley said...

Hi! You did a fab job on the chandelier! I have one as well that I'm going to spray and put in my bedroom I think. It has the type of shades that point down if that makes sense.. so I can't really do the candle look, but you have inspired me.. great job!

I also love the punched tin, can't wait to see the whole thing.. so jealous! lol

take care,

Carla said...

Your light turned out great! I'm gonna have to be on the look out for one of these!

american girl primitives said...

Sounds like you might be over doing it a bit like a lot of us moms tend to do! Take it easy and do listen to your body if you need to visit the doctor.

I love the chandelier! I have a reddish one that I plan on redoing, you have inspired me to get on it and finish mine along with my kids shelves and a million other things. LOL!

I have red apples in my colander just like your find. In the past I've used it for real fruit, greens at Christmas. A pineapple would be great inside it. I think it looks good hanging too. Good luck!


Willow said...

Lisa that light turned out primperfect ! Love love love it ! I hope your feeling better. Having your parents close will for sure take some stress off of you. Take it easy. Can't wait to see the rest of your punched tin.
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Christine said...

Great job on the light, Lisa! I'm always looking for fixtures like that, but never seem to find any :( You got some nice items at the Antique Mall too! I was driving through town one day and saw one of those colanders at the curb with someone's garbage! You betcha I made a u-turn and went back and got it! It was a bit dented where one of the feet were, but I just tapped it out with a hammer! I love the star design on them!
Hope you continue to feel better and if you have any doubts-see the doctor!

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

Your light turned out great. Just dab it with some matching craft paint.
I feel the same way you do when it comes to my parents. I'm watch over them like a hawk...I refuse to let them be taken advantage of!
Chest pain is nothing to over look...get it checked out!

Anonymous said...
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Gayle said...

Can you please tell me where you got the candle sleeves for your chandelier makeover?

Ann said...

Lisa, The Briwax was $16.49 at ACE. (they did special order it for me from their distribution center) The cans that I found at the antique store were $16.99. I purchased the "Dark Brown" and would recommend it. I was a little nervous ordering the color because of the price - what if I didn't like it? That's alot of $$ to waste to then not use something! ~Ann

Laura :) said...

Everything looks so nice and I love your new light!

Not sure why some people don't want to help take care of aging parents. My MIL is that way....she won't help out looking after her mother at all. I don't understand it. But it sounds like you and your mom are 2 peas in a pod and lucky to have each other!!

Have a great day!!

Laura :)

Elisha said...

I am a new follower to your beautiful blog! I love your thrifty light transformation!! I thin;k you saved yourself about 100 bucks on that one! I also am a SAHM of a lil boy and christian... nice to "meet" you. :)