Saturday, November 7, 2009

Punched Tin is a Wonderful Thing

My husband the handyman.  I really never thought that I could say that, but I love the fact that he is taking interest in it and I must say that it makes me so happy!  My Mom was so thoughtful when we were in Amish Country last weekend and bought me a punched tin light for my entryway.  I guess I don’t have to go on and on about how thoughtful my Mom is….. I am sure you already know how thoughtful she is and she doesn’t even need to buy me anything.  She indeed has a wonderful heart!!  I am truly blessed to have her for my Mom.

Well, my hubby hung my chandelier in my kitchen and last night, he decided to hang my new punched tin light in my entryway.  Oh ladies……he did a wonderful job and I must say that it looks absolutely beautiful, but then again I had no doubt (lol).  So, are you all ready to see it?  I never really knew how much prim light fixtures could warm up a home, but after seeing my tin light…..yep, it indeed made my entryway a nice warm place to enter our home.  I have never been fortunate enough to have fancy lighting like this so when my Mom mentioned to me that she wanted to buy me a light, I was super excited.  We pinch pennies alot here in home now that I am a stay at home Mom, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  After working with one company in Corporate America for over 10 years, it was hard to leave that job and most importantly the money, but if you would ask me if I would do it all over again for my son….. I would say “heck yeah”.  My son is my whole world and I would do anything for him.  I loved the fact that I didn’t miss a thing over the past 2 1/2 years of being with him.  What a blessing!

Ok, enough of my rambling….. here is my light fixture that I have been dying to show you all.  Isn’t it beautiful?

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Doesn’t it look beautiful?  I just love it.  Thank you again Mom for being so thoughtful.  I am so very blessed.


This post is chuck full of goodness!  Let’s talk about that beautiful rusty handle above.  I must say that I absolutely fell in love with this piece when I found it at the Antique Mall last weekend.  I knew I could find a home for this beauty somewhere in my home and hopefully today I will.  Don’t you love the look of that old rusty handle?  Can you guess what I bought?  Well, if you guessed an old barn door then you are correct.  I thought it would either look great in a corner or even used as a small room divider.  The possibilities are endless.  So, are you all anxious to see it?  Well, here it is……..


I loved the color and though that it would be great to add a small splash of color in our family room.  Don’t you love it?  The reverse side of the door is just as neat.  Totally prim and perfect for my home.  I will keep you posted on where I put it.

Today is suppose to be in the mid 60’s here in Ohio so we are going to get out and enjoy the weather.  I leave you with this picture titled…. Precious Meets Prim.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  What a cutie pie.


Until Next Time…..

Prim Blessings, Lisa


basketsnprims said...

Your new light looks awesome. When I got the new ones for the kitchen I couldn't believe the difference it made. Cameron is a character & so cute.

Ann said...

Lisa, Cameron is such a cutie! One might think that he is ready for the alien invasion - don't those alien chasers wear aluminum on their heads? LOL!!! LOVE the light. I understand about the $$$ of prim lighting. I've had to repurpose other lights, like your "new chandelier" to have prim lights. I'd love to have the $$$ ones, but can't afford them. Tell DH he did a super job. Have a good weekend. ~Ann

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi Lisa, I understand what you say about your job, I worked in Pharmaceutical Co for 14yrs, and I missed my friends and the money of course. Our economy is not the same with only one person working at home , but this situation gave the opportunity to stay at home with my kids, and it is awesome. Enjoy your new light. , is BEAUTIFUL..... I am green of envy, LOL...

Carmen C. said...

LOL...Cameron is such a cute lil' strainer-head!!!! I didn't work when my son was born till he was 9 yrs old, and don't regret one minute! Your light and rusty handled door look AWESOME!!!!!!! Hope you're having a lovely weekend;)

Wanda/Ridge Farm Nesting Place said...

Lisa, I love your new light! It really looks awesome in your hallway!
Can't wait to see what you do with your prim door and rusty both of them!
Cameron is so cute, enjoy every moment with him!
Have a great weekend!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Your new light is a wonderful prim touch to your home. What a sweet mom you have for treating you like that and hubby did a great job installing it.

But Cameron is the perfect prim! He has good taste too!

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

LOL@ Cameron...he takes after his crazy-prim mommy! ;)
Your light fixture looks fabulous! Love it!

Susannah said...

Precious meets prim.....LOLOLOL! He is just adorable. What a little sweetheart he is. Lisa, that is one of the nicest and best looking tin light that I have seen. It is perfect in your entry way. I think that lighting can add so much to a room. Yours is really prim now! D Hubby did a great job!!!!!!

Sherrie said...

Oh girl, that light fixture is right on time!!!! You and your Mom did good.Shawn has gotten to be quite the handyman...I think he is a keeper!! You gotta love it when the men catch on!! You are really training Cameron for some lucky little girl. You all have a good Sunday my friend! Hugs, Sherrie

american girl primitives said...


It looks just wonderful! I would love to get a similiar light.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

He is such a sweetie, Michale used to play with the pots and pans too!

Love your punched tin lights, what a great mom you have:)

Willow said...

Wow Lisa that light is awesome ! Your Mom is such a sweetie ! and your lil one is such a cutie ! And that barn door....I have been lookin' for 2 of them to use as the doors to my pantry. Love the ol' rusty look and the weathered wood. Cant wait to see what you do with it.
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Your little guy is wearing PUNCHED TIN on his adorable!
I know it's not tin but what a cute comparison to the light....which by the way is GORGESOUS and YES, MOM is wonderful - you are so fortunate.
Handy, interested, husbands are the greatest aren't they!