Thursday, November 12, 2009

Longaberger Baskets

Are you all familiar with Longaberger baskets?  Quite a few years ago when I was working in Corporate America and enjoying my paychecks as they rolled in, I would treat myself to a basket here and there.  I loved seeing what baskets were going to come out next and loved going to their Homestead to go shopping.  It was alot of fun! 

My taste has changed over the years and I am looking to sell my Longaberger baskets.  Alot of my baskets have liners and some of them have garters and most of them have have the hard plastic protectors to fit inside.  I am currently going through my totes to get out all of my baskets and get pictures of them.  I am curious to see if I have any interested gals out there that would like to buy some or all of my baskets.  They are all in great shape and have only been used for decorating purposes.  I have taken a few pictures to show you what some of them look like.  If you would possibly be interested then please leave me a comment.  I will over the next couple days be taking pictures of them and be quoting prices.  If the basket has a liner and a protector that will be included in the price and will come with the basket seeing as though I have no use for the liner or protector without the basket.  If I have no buyers then I will proceed to put them on E-Bay and sell them all as one item.  Thank you for your interest!!


This is a cracker basket and holds 1 sleeve of crackers.  Perfect for entertaining!


This is the 1999 Daisy Basket.  It has a protector and liner.

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This is the spoon basket and it comes with the garter.


This is the 2000 Edition of the Deck the Halls Basket.  It comes with 2 different protectors and would be great for entertaining.  Just put a few pickles, olives, dip and  crackers in the top protector and a little ice in the bottom to keep any dips cool.  That is what it was suppose to be used for, but once again I only used it for decoration.  This also comes with a Christmas liner and lid.




This is the Woven Memories Basket for 2000.  This was a basket that you could only buy at the Homestead and the liner does come with it.  I think this one even has a protector.



Well, that gives you an idea as to some of the many baskets that I have and I am willing to sell.    I will be posting more on my blog over the next couple days and will also put them on my selling blog.  Prices and shipping will be posted as well during that time.

Until Next Time…..Lisa


Laura :) said...

Just thought I'd mention Craigslist as an option to sell. No fees and you can avoid shipping. I hate shipping. It tears my nerves up. Anyway, I listed a bunch of prims on Craigslist and a really nice lady bought EVERYTHING!!! Just wanted to mention it.

Love your blog and can't wait to read about your mom moving in down the road and all the redecorating she can do!

Laura :)

Laura :)

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

I love Longaberger baskets and have quite a few of them, but most are in storage. I do have a few large ones that I use in the familyroom. I am also thinking of selling most of mine. Just wanted to wish you well. I hope you get what they are worth.

Claudia said...

I would be interested in some of them when you post them. Thanks

UPON A HILL said...

I have many Longaberger bsks. I started collecting in the 80's. Here in Ohio, I would not think you should have that much of a problem. Last week at the show that I was ad, someone was there selling them. People were buying them.

Amy said...

Love Longaberger! Amy

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I used to SELL them so I have an attic full. I have painted and primed up several and they are great to leave outdoors and that REALLy ages them over time so keep a few and try that. Good luck selling the rest!

simple~needs said...

good luck on selling the baskets. we went to so many yard sales this summer and seen longaberger baskets everywhere. i bought 2 baskets(without liners) for $2.00!!!!!. it is sad really, all the hype and such that these baskets used to command and now they don't. i dont even know any demonstrators anymore. :(
i think the economy has made folks really think about what they are spending money on.
i do think craiglist is a great idea to try first oh, and how about ohiocheapcycle?? i heard folks do pretty good on it too.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

What a great collection and I agree with Laura...Craigslist!

I have 5 of their baskets but had to stop buying - the cost was getting to be too much.

Hope you get them all sol Lisa.


Shakerwood Primitives said...

I'm right there with ya. I probably have 20 baskets. I try to use as many as I can because I paid so much for them but they are not my taste anymore. I thought about ebay one time and even checked out the pricing. There were so many for sale and almost none were selling. Good luck! If you come up with another solution, let me know!

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