Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank You Sherrie!

Have I ever mentioned how very blessed I am?  I know that I say it all the time, but I really truly am blessed.  My husband walked in the door today and said “Honey, you got something in the mail.”  Well, I never really get anything in the mail unless it is a bill.  He brought me the envelope and I saw that it was from Sherrie.  I feel like I have known Sherrie forever.  She bought a sign off of me not too long ago and we were going to try to meet each other when we went to Myrtle Beach during the summer, but we didn’t get to do it.  I so wish that I would have had the opportunity, but perhaps next time we will be able to get together.

Anyway, I opened the envelope and looked at the card first which was a picture of the sign that I made for her.  She had it tucked in a box from what I can tell next to a crock with some berries and a black crow.  Here is a picture of the card that she made.  Isn’t it great?  It is definitely neat seeing your work in a picture on a card (lol). 


She also sent me a little tea towel or to be exact a flour sack towel with some very special things stitched on it for me.  The neat thing is that Sherrie knows and remembers from reading my blog how much my heritage means to me.  My Mom has been so kind to give me so many wonderful things that have been passed down and Sherrie made me a towel with my grandmothers birthdate on it.  Isn’t that so kind and generous of her?  I saw it and instantly started to cry.  It totally warmed my heart and I couldn’t have asked for anything more special then that.  So, do you want to see it?  I just need to find the perfect spot for it now.  I told Sherrie that I want to put it in a place where I can see it every single day and remember all of those wonderful times I shared with my grandma and of course remember what a great friend I have in Sherrie.  Thank you Sherrie for sending me such a wonderful and heart warming gift.  You are a blessing to my life!


Isn’t it great?  It is coffee/tea stained and stitched so perfectly and I love it.  I love how I have made so many wonderful friends since starting my blog.  You enter into someone’s blog as a stranger and you truly do leave as a friend.  I am just so happy that I have such wonderful friends in all of you.  Thank you for sticking with me, following my blog and for leaving me words of wisdom and such kind and caring compliments.  It really does alot for someone’s confidence.  THANK YOU!!

Until Next Time… Blessings to you all.



~Judy~ said...

That was so sweet of Sherrie to do that for you.

Sherrie said...

Oh Lisa, you have made me feel sooo special! It was just a simple gift from the heart and I did think you would appeciate it. I am truly the one who received the blessing...thank you.
I didn't know how to turn this computer on until this past January. I live in a home with a husband that can do anything with modern technology and our daughters can do the same, but I am stuck in the past!!! I was sooo pressured that I decided to learn to e-mail and OMG the rest is history. My good friend, Jenny who owns Just Country in Raeford, N.C. has a blog and I thought,"I might can find it" and again the rest is history. From her blog I have met/visited so many wonderful bloggers. I feel like I know you all and you are all a wonderful, caring and sharing group of prim pals. My next challenge is to set up a blog....I really think I would enjoy sharing with all of you. We are all friends who haven't met or maybe some of you have. I have high hopes of meeting several of you in the near future.
Thanks for all you motivate,inspire,encourage,and most of all you understand and lift us up when we need that extra support!! May God bless each of you! Sherrie from S.C.

Janet - underthewillow said...

What a sweet and thoughtful's lovely!


Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

What a blessing to have such a special friend!! Now, let's get Sherrie to blogging!! LOL!!

Carmen C. said...

What a thoughtful friend, I love the towel and that's so neat how she did the card! Enjoy your day!!!!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Are yiou a lucky girl or what.
Sherri blessed you with something to treasure forever!
I also love my family heritage...written 2 books actually on it!
Hope you can do something like that someday and you will really get to know your heritage.

Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

What a lovely gift! How thoughtful Sherrie was!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Susannah said...

How thoughtful of Sherrie.


TheKeepingroom said...

How sweet!

Janene said...

What a wonderful gift you I always say, "Blogging Friends are the BEST!"
Have a wonderful weekend friend!

american girl primitives said...


How sweet that she was for doing that. Blogging is so great! I love that story.


I Play Outside The Box said...

I just love that sign!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Blogging friends are the best aren't they?
Love the towel and how you have it displayed is great, enjoy your blessing:)

Let us know when she starts a blog.")

Stacey said...

That is was so heart warming Lisa. It brought tears to my eyes too. Yes, you certainly are blessed in so many awesome ways. I do agree 100% with Sherrie when she talks about how amazing you are and all that you do.

OH! And yes, we certainly need to get her blogging. :) It is wonderful how so many beautiful friendships are formed just by simply blogging. Totally awesome isn't it!

Maybe she might consider a little selling blog herself. I know that I would certainly love to buy some of her beautiful handmade sticheries. :)

Love and hugs,

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

What a wonderful post! And what a sweet friend Sherrie is! How special that must be for you! ~~Annie

the primitive country bug said...

How sweet of Sherrie to make that for you, precious and thoughtful!!
Isn't it amazing how quickly you can become friends with someone you've never met in person before? We're all kindred spirits.
Hugs to you~ birgit