Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Game-Board and my 1st Attempt at Stitching

My game-board hallway  still has plenty of room, but I knew there was one particular place that needed a game-board.  So, I thought about what I could do to fill in that particular space and went to the garage to see what I could come up with.  I created something simple with what I had, but knew I wanted something that would “pop” when you looked down the hallway.  I decided to go with Antique Gold paint over black and I was real pleased with how it turned out.  I painted my board all black  and then once that was dry, I used my painters tape to make a frame around the edge of my board.  Like I said… I wanted something different.  I then painted my board the Antique Gold.  Here is what it looked like after I completed that step.  Don’t you just love my table cloth?  Yep, I use one during meals and during crafting and that way I protect my farm table from any damage that might happen during meal time or crafting time.  Let’s take a look at that game-board.


So, once that step was done, I was ready to get started.  I measured to find the middle of the board and went from there.  Here is what I decided to go with.


Now that it is done, it is now time to sand it and stain it.  Let’s get it finished and up on the wall – shall we?  Here it is after the sanding and staining was complete.


013 015


So, what do you all think?  I still have some room above the door and above that game board all the way at the end of the hallway plus I am still working on the other side as well.  So, more pics will be coming soon.

Oh, in regards to my 1st attempt at stitching….. it turned out pretty decent, but I still have alot of practice and improvement ahead of me.  This towel will be mine because I wouldn’t dare send it out to anyone, but that is ok, I will tuck into a basket or something and no one will see it unless they get right up on it (lol).  I wanted something I could use around Christmas so I decided to stitch “Peace” on my coffee/tea stained flour sack towel.  What do you all think?  I didn’t go by any pattern….. I just started stitching away.  Good thing I will get some direction from my Mom this weekend (hahaha).  Well, here it is ~ be nice ladies!



Definitely doesn’t look as good as the little towel that my dear friend Sherrie sent me, but I was trying.  I guess I need to keep trying – huh?

Today I leave you with this beauty!!  I am pretty sure that this is my obedient plant that I planted years ago and has never come up until this past week.  It amazes me, but this beauty popped out of the ground and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was because it never grew and I thought I had killed it.  Years later…… here it is.  At least I think it is my obedient plant!?!  With the cold, warm, cold warm temps here in Ohio… wonder my flowers get confused!

Hope you all have a blessed day!

Until Next Time……..



I Play Outside The Box said...

I love your gameboards!!

Betsy said...

Great job, Lisa. All your gameboards look great. Wish I had a hall in my house I could do that.
Have a great day.

~Judy~ said...

Lisa, love your new gameboard and I like where you put it. As for stitching...the more you do the easier it gets. Great start!

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

Great game board Lisa...have fun Stichin'.

Janene said...

Let me be honest here...your stitching is way better than my first attempt!
And your game board wall looks fantastic!
Have a great week!

Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

Love your game wall, Lisa!! Looks great!
Your stitchery turned out pretty good for your first attempt!! The more you stitch, the easier it'll get!

Take care my friend,

Craftyperson said...

Hi Lisa.
Love your gameboard....Your stitching looks good for the first time...It gets very addicitive..the more you stitch the more you want to stitch...I do my stitching after dinner is over..usually watching the evening tv..


Susannah said...

Hey Lisa.... WOW! Look what you did! That gameboard is terrific. The boarder just sets it right off. Good work on your first stitcherie. Your hands have been very busy!

Say hi to Mom.


Leslie said...

Love the gameboards. They are addicting, aren't they? I wish I had a whole hall to fill with them because I'm sure I could! LOL A few of mine are just ones I found at the TS and repainted in Prim colors.

Your stitching isn't all that bad. Honestly! I didn't realize when I started that you take the floss apart and use two little strands. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to use two full strands to stitch anything, so I used one with all 6 strands in it, making everything really thick. Then I didn't realize that you back stitched. I wondered how they had what looked like a complete line, so I kept making LONG stitches trying to do that. What a mess! But I still have them. They're proof of how far I've come and honestly, they look quite Prim :) You'll learn tricks as you go and it will get easier...

Have a great day!


P.S.-Janene, I still say you had trouble with your first because you picked one that wasn't quite as easy. The stitchery you had had really thick, black lines and you were trying to fill in which isn't so easy when you're just starting out :) You did a great job at trying!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

You did a great job on both! I did a game board with the same colors and I put a couple crows on mine. I sold it to a shop, then left the seasonal stuff to be sold on consignment. I tried some stitching, yesterday and it will take some learning! Have fun with it.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sherrie said...

Good looking gameboard, my friend!!!Love where you hung it,too. You are looking at your FIRST stitchery with a critical eye. I think you did just fine and remember if you want it to look old and certainly don't want it to look perfect. I am going to challenge you to now add a ficticious date like............ Christmas, 1827 right under the word Peace!! Deal or not???
You have a good afternoon and I'll check in later. hugs, Sherrie

american girl primitives said...


I think your game board looks very nice and for the stichery don't worry I can't sew at all. Looks good to me, we are after all into "primitive" right?


Carrie said...

Good Evening, Lisa!! I absolutely love your projects. I think both your gameboard and stitchery turned out wonderfully!!

This crafting this is hard sometimes, isn't it. I just posted about how my husband is more "crafty" than I am...LOL!!

Oh well, it is fun and it relaxes me!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥

Anonymous said...

Love all your gameboards!! I want to put mine in our upstair hallway, but need to wait until craft show season is over.

I think your 1st attempt at stitching looks fine...and like everyone else has said, it does get easier the more you do it.

Isn't this weather here wonderful!! Hope it holds out for all the trick-or-treaters through Saturday, but I hear that it might rain.

appleberrycottage said...

Love the gameboards! I want to do a wall with some - someday. Keep up the stitching. I trace patterns onto muslin, then put a piece of warm n natural (cotton batting) on the back of the muslin. That way my stitches don't show through to the front. Start with small, easy projects, and you'll get the hang of it! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note ~ I'm always happy to help.

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