Sunday, November 7, 2010

Simple Goods Show ~ Part 2

If you haven’t already seen Part 1 of my Simple Goods post then be sure to check it out.  My weekend was absolutely wonderful.  I was able to do alot of fun stuff and meet so many great gals.  Do I plan on going back?  Oh yes… every chance I get, I will definitely go back.  It was worth the hour and half drive.  There were vendors outside and tons of them inside.  The crowd was heavy and hectic, but it was worth it.  I ended up with alot of goodies and I thought I would share some pictures with you.  So….. are you ready to see my primitive wares that I found?  Let’s first of all stop by and take a look at the items that I purchased from Cabin in the Woods.  I absolutely loved this vendor.  They had so many cute things to look at and I of course went home with some of them.  Here they are ladies.  The first thing that I picked up was this cute little mouse.  I don’t normally like mice, but I thought he was too cute.  Trust me….. he will be the only mouse that I will ever let in my house (lol).

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I also bought these beans.  I loved the look of them.  Definitely prim looking.  I put them on this rack, but they won’t be staying there.  It was just for picture purposes (lol).



They had plenty of other great items to pick from.  They had some sweet potatoes that looked very neat, more dried beans, oranges, apples and lots of other great primitives.  I was loving her booth.


My next stop was Arnett’s Country Store.  I saw plenty of stuff at this booth, but ended up only buying some stockings.  I was loving the Santa’s, but wasn’t real sure where I would put another one (lol).  Here are my stockings.  I went with the striped ones, but she also had plain red stockings as well.  I bought 3 of these.  Aren’t they great?  I might end up coffee staining them a little bit more…. I like them just a tad bit darker then these.


My next stop was Lizzie’s Cabin Primitives.  Her items were amazing and I must say that my Mom and I walked around her booth several times.  We spent quite a bit there and the best news about her booth was that she took credit cards (lol).  Not many vendors took credit cards so it was either cash or check.  Here is what I found at Lizzie’s Cabin.



I absolutely loved her covered books.  I plan on putting these on my school desk.


I also bought these other items.



Don’t you just love those greens beans?  I want to try to make a special jar for those beans.  Once I am done with it then I will let you know and of course post pics. 


So, what do you think of my pheasant?  I absolutely loved him when I saw him and now I just need to figure out where I am going to hang him.


I also wanted to show you these cute prim necklaces that Sandy Schutt gave me.  It was the first time I met Sandy yesterday and to be honest, it was like I had known her forever.  She was just so sweet and so thoughtful.  Not only did she bring these for me, but she also brought some for my Mom as well.  How sweet is that?  I just thought it was so nice of her to think of us.  Thank you Sandy!!


I loved my primitive doll necklace, but I think my favorite had to be my primitive bowl necklace.  I love antique bowls so this was right up my alley (lol).



Aren’t they great?  So, as you can see, I had a great weekend.  I was able to share it with my Mom, my hubby, my son and lots of prim friends.  It was indeed a wonderful weekend.  If you weren’t able to make it to this one then be sure to mark your calendar for April or next year around this time.  I am sure you won’t leave empty handed and of course you will be glad you joined us.  Hope you all have a blessed week.  I will be posting pics of my Mom’s refrigerator cover sometime this week.  I just need to let the weather get a bit warmer then I can stain it and get it inside.  It is a beauty!!  Keep watching!!

Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa


Linda said...

Hi Lisa...I didn't make it there yesterday, would have liked to have seen you and your Mom again.
I just got off the phone with a friend who went and she really enjoyed herself too.
Love all of the treasures you brought home.

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

I went too! It was amazing to say the least. A show I will never again miss. I only live 30 miles from Mt. Vernon. But dang it! I didn't know you were there! I would have loved to meet you! I did get to meet Karen though! Maybe next time we will cross paths!

Squeeeeaaaalllll!!!! I bought that same mouse! Was he not the most adorable thing you ever saw! I have never seen another like him. Being that I have the primcats house I just had to have him to taunt the primcats. ;)

And all you other goodies are beautiful too. I wish I would have seen the bowl necklace. I love that! You sure did get a lot of beautiful goodies!

Carmen and the Primcats

rockriverstitches said...

Lisa, You are so lucky to have gone to the Simple Goods Show!! I'm jealous! You got some great things there. I love that little mouse you got! Cute!