Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Missing in Action ~ Where are you? News to Share with you…

I have so much to share, but really have no idea where to start.  I haven’t been around blog land in awhile due to so many things happening in my life at once.  I am recovering from yet another round of bronchitis and laryngitis.  This round was pretty bad because I was without my voice for 3 days.  Talk about difficult.  I love talking so when I don’t have my voice, it makes it quite difficult.  My hubby on the other hand was probably enjoying it (lol).  The doctor put me on prednisone (steroids) and a nasty antibiotic that has made me so nauseated and sick.  The medicine works great for my chronic bronchitis, but the steroids create some nasty side effects.  I have been hot and sweaty, down right evil and eating everything in the house that I can lay my hands on.  It is just a really hard drug for me to be on.  I just hate how it makes me feel.  I am definitely NOT a mean or evil person my any means, but when I am on that stuff, I find myself snapping at my poor hubby and just going off for no reason.  So….. after today, I have decided to stop both meds and get back to my normal jovial self.  Trust me……. I have missed being myself.


I also thought that I would take this moment to let you all know about a very important announcement.  Nope, I am not pregnant, but I am set to start a new job at the end of this month.  It was a hard decision, but I am sure that it is the right move.  I spent alot of time with God, I prayed alot and I searched my heart and after alot of soul searching, I decided to head back to work.  I have enjoyed being a stay at home Mom for almost 4 years and I couldn’t be happier and more blessed that I had the opportunity, but I am sure that this is the right step for me and my family.  With the way that the economy is today, I am positive that this is the right move.  Cameron is enjoying school, he loves going and seeing his friends and I think that he will fit in perfectly with the daycare as well.  Talk about pulling on your heart strings!!  I can’t imagine him being in the care of someone else other then me, but I need to trust God and pray that he will stay safe.  He does wonderfully at school and I think he will be just fine.  LOL ~ Yep, I sit here and type this post and my eyes fill up with tears.  It has been such a hard decision for me.  I can’t believe that I will be going back to work!!  I am excited about the job…… don’t get me wrong there, but I am also a bit nervous.  Heck, I worked for over 10 years with one job, quit to stay home with my son and now I am heading back into the working world.  What is a Mom to do?  I guess I will make money and buy prims (hahahaha).


What else has been happening in my life?  Oh, all sorts of stuff.  I have been busy making changes to my home and finishing alot of unfinished stuff before I start my new job.  If you have followed my blog for awhile then you probably remember me painting my entry way and hallway not too long ago.  Well, I decided to carry that same color into my family room and it turned out great.  I feel like I have been going 180 mph while on these steroids so I took advantage of that energy and painted and stenciled.  Yep, I did it all with a little help from my hubby.  I can’t really say that I would be interested in stenciling again anytime soon, but I am definitely pleased with the way it turned out.    Here is a peek.


Do you remember what my walls use to look like?  They were painted a mustard color called Buckskin Pony.  I absolutely loved the color, but since there was one wall painted and stenciled coming into my family room…..well, it just didn’t look finished.  So, now it looks complete and boy oh boy does it ever give it a different look.  It brightened up the room that is for sure, but it brightened it up in a good way.  The stencil that I ended up doing just kinda softened it and with all my prims….. it looks good.  I did make some changes here and there as to where I put my prims and those pics will be coming soon.  So stay tuned!!

Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa


Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I hope going off the meds makes you feel better Lisa!

I know you didn't make the job decision easily. The economy does affect how we do things more so than any other time in many of our lives. I wish you much success and an easy transition for all of you!!

Big hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

I enjoy your posts so much. I hope that you are feeling better. You did not mention about talking with your doctor about going off your medications and hope that you did. Steriod dosing needs to be tapered down before being discontinued and the antiobiotics really need to be completed to make sure the infection has cleared and does not come back. By not taking the antiobiotic course as prescribed can lead to drug resistant bacteria and problems with super infections.

Ann said...

Lisa, I too feel very blessed to have been able to stay home when my kids were little. I'm glad that you had the opportunity too. I sure understand with the economy that you have to take an opportunity when presented. ~Ann

american girl primitives said...

Good luck Lisa, you're praying has lead you in the right direction I'm sure. Your son will be just fine. He is doing great in preschool. Your walls look great too. Hope you feel better,Good luck!

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Wow Lisa... doesn't sound like much fun with the illness and the meds. :( I have crohns so steroids are a big part of my life and I know how you feel when you are on them. It's SOOOO unpleasent! I do hope you start feeling better soon.

Get well!

Carmen and the Primcats